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Liusheng Pagoda
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  Liusheng Pagoda is a representative component offering unique insight into the Transportation Network of ancient Quanzhou as an emporium of world maritime trade. It is an important historical site at Shihu Port that marked where merchant ships would shift course from the main shipping line in Quanzhou Bay to the inner ports. Liusheng Pagoda is located on Jinchai Hill (also known as Yandun Hill) on the northern tip of Shihu Peninsula, in the center of Quanzhou Bay. It is a stone pagoda styled to imitate a wooden pavilion. Reaching a total height of 36 meters, Liusheng Pagoda is a five-storey octagonal pavilion-style granite pagoda. It was first built between 1111 and 1118 with funds raised by a pair of monks named Zuhui and Zongshi, along with a benefactor named Xue Gongsu. The stone pagoda that stands today was rebuilt between 1336 and 1339 by a local maritime merchant named Ling Huifu. Shihu Peninsula is roughly 17 kilometers from the old city of Quanzhou, jutting into the middle of Quanzhou Bay. Between the pagoda and the Dazhui and Xiaozhui Islets to its east lies the Daiyumen main shipping lane. As written in historical records, “All ships that enter Quanzhou Bay must pass by Daiyu Islet.” It was an important landmark for every merchant ship that entered Quanzhou Bay to berth at one of the inner port docks along the Jinjiang and Luoyang Rivers.

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