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Shihu Dock
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  Shihu Dock is a representative component reflecting the Transportation Network of Quanzhou as an emporium of world maritime trade. It is an invaluable piece of physical evidence of Quanzhou’s outer port docks. This dock, together with Estuary Docks, demonstrates Quanzhou Port’s water-land transshipment system during the Song and Yuan periods. Shihu Dock is located on the western shore of Shihu Peninsula, 17 kilometers south of Quanzhou city. It utilized natural reefs in its construction, and like Liusheng Pagoda, it is a historical relic of Shihu Port. Shihu Dock is comprised of a group of reefs near the shore and Tongji Jetty. According to historical accounts, it was first built in the early 8th century during the Kaiyuan reign in the Tang Dynasty. At that time, a maritime merchant named Lin Luan built a ferry using a naturally occurring reef to anchor it to the shore. Historical records show that during the Yuanyou reign (1086-1094) in the Northern Song Dynasty, a government official named Fu Jin built a jetty granting access between the shoreline to the reef. This further increased the utility of the dock.

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