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Estuary Docks
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  Estuary Docks are a representative component reflecting the Transportation Network of Quanzhou as an emporium of world maritime trade. They are located in the southeast of Quanzhou’s old city on the northern banks of the Jinjiang River. They were a water-land transshipment node connecting with the old city. Along with Zhenwu Temple, they are precious historical remains at Fashi Port, a major inner port on the outskirts of Quanzhou. Wenxing Dock and Meishan Dock have been preserved to this day, along with the remains of an ancient ship from the Song Dynasty. Construction on the two docks began during the Song-Yuan era and they were in use until the 20th century. The two docks, set 1,100 meters apart, were both built using granite slab masonry. Wenxing Dock is located upstream and the overall form is of a gently sloping step. The water here is relatively shallow and the dock juts right out into the Jinjiang River so small boats could berth at low tide. The existing dock is over 30 meters long from north to south and around 3.5 meters wide. Meishan Dock is located downstream in an area of deeper water than that of Wenxing Dock. Since the dock was built with steep-sloped platform piers, it was at easy reach for large ships to moor at high tide. The lowest-level platform pier is around 20 meters long from north to south and around 15 meters wide; the highest level is around 10 meters long from north to south and 8 meters wide.

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