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Qingjing Mosque
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  Qingjing Mosque is a representative component that reflects the Multi-cultural Communities of the city as a world maritime trade emorium. Together, Qingjing Mosque and the Islamic Tombs are testaments to the culture, religion and lifestyles of foreign peoples that were active in Quanzhou during that time. They also serve as evidence that help us better understand the population accumulation, trade and diverse cultural history of this city in Song and Yuan eras. Originally named Masjid al-Ashab, Qingjing Mosque was founded in 1009, making it the first Islamic mosque ever constructed in Quanzhou. The location chosen for its construction was originally just outside the city gates of 11th-century Quanzhou, its northern side abutting on the city’s moat (Bagua Ditch). In the Song-Yuan era, this was Quanzhou’s main residential community for foreigners. In 1310, under the direction of the Muslim people, major repairs were undertaken on the mosque, and it was at this point that the site’s current layout really started to take shape. The design of the mosque employs Islamic architectural styles, and the remaining structures include the gate tower, Prayer Hall, Mingshan Hall, an ancient well and several inscribed steles connected to the history of the mosque.

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