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Statue of Lao Tze
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  The Statue of Lao Tze is a representative component reflecting the Multi-cultural Communities in Quanzhou as a world maritime trade emporium. It is a massive stone statue of Lao Tze, founder of Taoism. It reveals the unique historical context of Quanzhou as a world maritime trade center sustained by the agricultural empire; it also reflects the flourishing diverse cultures in Quanzhou as a world maritime trade emporium, as well as the prosperity and achievements of the port. The Statue of Lao Tze is located in the southern foothills of Mount Qingyuan three kilometers north of the city of Quanzhou. Set against the backdrop of Mount Qingyuan, the statue overlooks the city and port of Quanzhou to the south. Built during the Song dynasty and carved out of a massive rock, the statue is 5.63 meters high, 8.01 meters wide and 6.85 meters thick. In the statue, Lao Tze sits in a cross-legged position, with his right hand resting on a table and his left hand on his knee, looking completely at ease. The table is elaborately carved with floating cloud patterns. The statue depicts a Tao Tze with a benevolent countenance, a seemingly smiling face and spirited eyes, exuding a serene and carefree charm. It imparts a sense of solemnity echoing the Taoist concepts of humanity as an integral part of nature, simplicity as the ultimate sophistication, and Tao following the laws of nature.

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