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Site of Southern Clan Office
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  The Site of Southern Clan Office is a representative component that highlights the Multi-cultural Communities at the world maritime trade emporium. The Southern Clan Office was an administrative agency established for the Song Dynasty kinsmen who relocated to Quanzhou in 1130 and thereafter. The site is located to the southwest of the city’s Suqing Gate and south of Kaiyuan Temple. Archaeological excavations have yielded two architectural foundations, the remains of retaining walls and a roadway along the bank of the pond, as well as architectural elements and potsherds. The architectural elements include eave tiles, animal-shaped roof-ridge ornaments and bricks. The patterns on the eave tiles are predominantly flower designs such as lotus, peony and hibiscus, with some animal masks. The building complex on the site matches the administrative rank of the Southern Clan Office. Some uncovered bricks were engraved with the Chinese character “guan” (government), suggesting that they were associated with government buildings. Ink-written Chinese characters can be seen on some unearthed porcelain fragments, mostly related to the years designated by the heavenly stems and earthly branches, or institutional or personal names. They are vital clues related to the group of imperial kinsmen.

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