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Site of the Maritime Trade Office
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  The Maritime Trade Office in Quanzhou was established in 1087 by the Song and Yuan regimes to manage the city’s maritime trade affairs. It was located on the bank of the Jinjiang River in the southern part of the city of Quanzhou, outside Zhennan Gate of Luocheng (“outer wall” of the old city of Quanzhou) and inside Nanxun Gate of Yicheng (“wing wall”). The ongoing archaeological excavation has uncovered Song-Yuan ground remains in two trial trenches. These two pavements may have been the ground of the same official building. The extant ditch in the northwest part of the site has a 10-20m wide underground silt layer on either side, revealing the scale of the historical waterway system. The site covers an area of about 12,000 square meters, enclosed by Maban Alley, Ditch Alley, Bamboo Alley and Water Gate Alley.

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