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Jiuri Mountain Wind-Praying Inscriptions
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  The Jiuri Mountain Wind-Praying Inscriptions are a representative component reflecting the Institutional Guarantee of Quanzhou as a world maritime trade emporium. They are cliff-face inscriptions recording the ritual ceremonies held by state commissioners in charge of overseas trade, local officials and members of the imperial clan in the Song Dynasty to pray for propitious winds to aid the overseas trade shipping business. They reflect the power that the state enjoyed under the Song Dynasty’s maritime trade policy to promote and manage maritime trade. These precious stone inscriptions are a historical archive providing an authentic record of such historical information as the operational cycles of maritime trade in the Song dynasty, which were closely connected with the monsoons. They reflect the spiritual impetus that the belief in maritime deities provided for trade activities. Today, 78 stone inscriptions from the Song Dynasty onwards remain on Jiuri Mountain, ten of which involve Song Dynasty shipping prayers for propitious winds. They are distributed on the eastern and western peaks of Jiuri Mountain, two on the eastern peak and eight on the western peak. The earliest dates back to 1174 and the latest to 1266. Six of the inscriptions record wind-praying rituals for winter shipping departures; three record wind-praying rituals for ships returning in summer; and one records rites from both winter and summer. Ten inscriptions record the participation of in total nine maritime trade officials, and the involvement of 58 local government and military officials, 18 of whom were imperial clan members.

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